SIDO President - President WIOC Congress

Aldo Giancotti

WIOA President

Giuliano Maino

2 BIOMEDE Orthodontic Biomechanics World Symposium Coordinator

Giorgio Fiorelli


Dear Colleagues,

I am more than pleased to invite you to the upcoming 54° SIDO International Congress that will be held in Rome on October 12 to 14, 2023.

The 54th SIDO International Congress entitled “Efficiency in Orthodontics: Excellence made Essential” will take place at the “La Nuvola” Center, and will focus on efficiency in Orthodontics, offering a modern perspective of simplification while pursuing excellence.

Numerous International speakers will be hosted alongside many Italian ones representing the excellence of Italian orthodontics academies at a global level.

In addition to the meetings of the main National Orthodontic Scientific Societies, the 54th SIDO International Congress will also host the 14th WIOC - World Implant Orthodontic Conference of WIOA (World Implant Orthodontic Association) chaired by Dr. Giuliano Maino. For the second time since the foundation of WIOA, the WIOC meeting will be held in Italy and is designed to offer a valuable update on the most advanced techniques of skeletal anchorage in Orthodontics.

The world’s most famous experts in the field have agreed to participate as speakers throughout the SIDO event to discuss how skeletal anchorage procedures have enhanced the action range especially considering the recent applications of digital CAD/CAM technology in Orthodontics.

Please know we are more than glad to offer our Members with the opportunity to participate in the 2nd BIOMEDE Orthodontic Biomechanics World Symposium chaired by Dr. Giorgio Fiorelli in collaboration with SIBOS (the Italian Society of Orthodontic Biomechanics).

Following the pandemic standstill, the second World Symposium on Orthodontic Biomechanics will be taking place after a four-year suspension on October 11 and 12, with the participation of world-class speakers who will delve into a number of clinical and research topics, with a focus on multiple aspects of Orthodontic Biomechanics.

Moreover, as you may know, other professional profiles supporting us on a daily basis – including dental hygienists, orthodontic assistants and technicians – will also take part.

I truly look forward to welcoming all of you in the breathtaking setting of Rome to spend four unforgettable days of scientific updates and enjoyable moments of sharing.


Aldo Giancotti